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What is Field Service Tax?

Automated sales tax solution that simplifies sales tax for oilfield services

What is sales tax compliance?

Sales tax compliance is composed of 4 activities: (1) applying the correct sales tax rules, (2) collecting the right sales tax rate, (3) creating a sales tax reports and (4) filing a sales tax return.

Field Service Tax is a single site sales tax service for the oil and gas upstream segment.

Field Service Tax is a secure, scalable AWS cloud-based single site platform covering all major US oil and gas basins and encompasses sales tax rules for 24 states.

Field Service Tax gives you the answers to resolve sales tax uncertainty.

Integrated with Field moble application for getting sales tax rates at job sites, work locations or business locations.


Field Service Tax sales tax rules determination and sales tax rates

How does the Field Service Tax rule determination work?

In your Field Service Tax account create an invocie with the services, equipment, materials and supplies from a field ticket.

Items that were sold to your customer are added to create an invoice. Your invoice will include the tax status for each item sold: taxable, nontaxable or exempt.

State specific invoicing criteria like the Texas well service tax are included. new Mexico gross receipts tax deductions are included.

A monthly sales tax report is created that will be used to file your sales tax return.

You can save a template of routine services and goods for future sales. Select a template for new customer or new sales orders. The template can be modified to add new items or delete items.

How does Field Service Tax get sales tax rates for my jobsite or wellsite?

Field Service Tax mobile application gets all sales tax rates for the United States.

Accurate anywhere, anytime.

Get sales tax rates offline when working in an area with no cellular service. Capture and document your location with an image of the jobsite. GPS and location based sales tax calculation that requires no address or data entry

Add office locations to get sales tax rates for permitted locations.

Accuracy Guarantee

If you purchased Field Service Tax Sales Tax service and a sales tax result returned by the Service was inaccurate and results in a tax audit, GeoInvoice will cover any tax underpayment, penalties and interest resulting for the inaccuracy up to 2X what you paid for Field Service Tax over the prior 12 months, provided you:

  • Had Field Service Sales Tax and Field Ticket Tax properly set up and configured at the time the inaccurate result was returned;

  • Notify us within the time allowed under the Accuracy Guarantee.

  • Allow us to work with you and the state in case their determination is wrong to reduce your tax liability.

  • Take steps to limit your losses after receiving a state sales tax notice of audit or notice of incorrect result.

Field Service Tax Benefits

Field Service Tax web application can be accessed anywhere at anytime

Reduce tax professional involvement approval time

Reduces costly sales tax research detours

Improves invoicing practices with state specific criteria

Improves operator and supplier confidence

Vendors and suppliers get paid faster


  • Unlimited users

  • No setup costs

  • No implementation costs

  • No training costs

  • No support costs

  • Sales tax determination rules and rates for 24 states included

  • Start using today for as little as $45 per month

    Roustabout service includes 3 users, Field Ticket Tax mobile app, secure web application,
    50 invoices and 500 tax items per month for a prepaid annual price of $1,620

    Save on tax consulting fees

    Additional Costs

    Additional user: $50

    Additional 100 invoices: $15

    Additional 10,000 tax items: $20*

    *a tax item is a service or tangible personal property
    in the Field Service Tax oil and gas goods and services sales tax matrix.


    President and Founder

    Susette M. McNeel, CPA, CGMA President and Founder

    Susette is the founder of GeoInvoice which provides sales tax solutions for the mobile workforce. Susette patented location based sales tax calculation for sales to locations that do not have an address. U.S. Patent No. 9,589,259 B2.
    Location based sales tax calculation was derived from Susette's experience in the managing upstream oil and gas sales tax compliance.
    She has worked to deliver sales tax content and services to help the upstream OFS segment get sales tax right. Susette's sales tax knowldege comes from her tax professional roles in the oil and gas industry.
    Susette received a BBA in Finance, Magna Cum Laude from Sam Houston State University. She is a certified public accountant and certified global mamangement accountant. Member of the AICPA, Texas Society Of CPAs, Petroleum Accountant Society of Houston



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